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3 x DFF funding for researchers at the Department of Mathematics

DFF | Natural Sciences has recently decided to support three researchers at the Math Department: Associate Professor Andrew Francis Swann, Professor Anders Marcel Bökstedt and Professor Henning Haahr Andersen (QGM).

2016.06.27 | Lars Madsen

In total the three researchers has received 11,572 million DKK for their future projects.

Project Title: Torus symmetry and Einstein metrics
Grant Recipient: Andrew Francis Swann
Awarded Amount: 2,6 million DKK

Project Title: Topology of Free Loop Spaces
Grant Recipient: Anders Marcel Bökstedt
Awarded Amount: 2,5 million DKK 

Project Title: Representations of Algebraic Groups and Quantum Groups
Grant Recipient: Henning Haahr-Andersen
Awarded Amount: 6,5 million DKK

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