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Quantum fluctuations for the dynamics of the strongly coupled polaron

Simone Rademacher (IST Austria)
Tirsdag 20. oktober 2020 16:15 Zoom
Mathematics seminar

We study the time evolution of the strongly coupled polaron described by the Fröhlich Hamiltonian with large coupling constant $\alpha$ . For initial data of Pekar product form with coherent phonon field and with sufficiently small energy, we provide a norm approximation of the time evolution valid for all times of order $\alpha^2$. The approximation is given in terms of a Pekar product state, evolved through the Landau-Pekar equations, corrected by a Bogoliubov dynamics taking quantum fluctuations into account. The proof is based on an adiabatic theorem for the Landau-Pekar equations and the persistence of the spectral gap.

This is joint work with D. Feliciangeli, N. Leopold, D. Mitrouskas, B. Schlein and R. Seiringer.

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