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The ring of Brownian motion: the good, the bad, and the simply silly

Peter Hänggi (University of Augsburg, Germany)
Lindhard foredrag
Mandag, 14 juni, 2010, at 15:15, in Aud. F (1534-125)
Since the turn of the 20-th century the jittery dynamics of Brownian motion has continuously disclosed a rich variety of phenomena in and around physics. The understanding of this noisy phenomenon has undoubtedly helped to reinforce and substantiate those pillars on which the basic modern physical theories are resting: Its formal description provided the key to great achievements in statistical mechanics, the foundations of quantum mechanics and also astrophysical phenomena. Although noise is usually thought of as the enemy of order it in fact also can be of constructive influence. The phenomena of Stochastic Resonance and Brownian motors present two such archetypes wherein random Brownian dynamics together with unbiased nonequilibrium forces beneficially cooperate in enhancing detection and/or in facilitating directed transmission of information. The applications range from innovative information processing devices in physics, chemistry, and in physical biology to new hardware for medical rehabilitation. Particularly, those additional non-equilibrium disturbances enable the rectification of haphazard Brownian noise so that quantum and classical objects can be directed around on a priori designed routes (Brownian motors).
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