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An approach to phylogenetic inference by means of algebraic tools

Jesús Fernandez Sanchez
(ETSEIB, Spain)
Onsdag, 2 februar, 2011, at 14:15-15:00, 1110-223, C. F. Møllers Allé 8
In the last years, a new approach to phylogenetic reconstruction based on techniques coming from algebra is consolidating. Given an evolutionary model for a given set of species, the invariants are algebraic relations satisfied by the theoretical distributions of the nucleotides of these species. In this talk we will show how to use these invariants to design algorithms for phylogenetic reconstruction and we will explain how the efficiency of these algorithms can benefit from results based on algebraic geometry and the representation theory of groups.

This is joint work with Marta Casanellas.
Organiseret af: BiRC