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$P(\phi)_2$ on de Sitter space I & II

Christian Jaeckel
Torsdag, 1 december, 2011, at 14:00-15:45, in Aud. G1 (1532-116)
 In a pioneering 1975 paper, Figari, Høegh-Krohn and Nappi studied the $P(\phi)_2$ model on the two-dimensional de Sitter space.
We will provide an alternative construction of the model, adding a number of results.

In the talks I and II (Thursday) we construct the classical dynamical systems for the Klein-Gordon equation. We discuss the Fourier-Helgason transformation on the hyperboloid, and construct quantum one-particle structures, giving rise to free quantum fields on the de Sitter space. We also briefly review the representation theory of $SO_0(1,2)$.
Kontaktperson: Jacob Schach Møller