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$P(\phi)_2$ on de Sitter space III & IV

Christian Jaeckel
Fredag, 2 december, 2011, at 10:15-12:00, in Aud. D2 (1531-119)
 In the talks III and IV (Friday), we start by discussing Euclidean aspects of the $P(\phi)_2$ model on the two-dimenisonal de Sitter space. In the sequel, returning to the physical de Sitter space-time, we show that this model satisfies the Osterwalder-Schrader, the Haag-Kastler and the Wightman axioms. In addition, we will prove uniqueness of the de Sitter vacuum state for all positive coupling constants, clarify the role of Nelson symmetry and give a rigorous meaning to the equations of motion, which are presented in a covariant form.
Kontaktperson: Jacob Schach Møller