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Oscillation of Some Partial Difference Equations

Figen Øzpinar
(Afyon Kocatepe University)
Mandag, 9 september, 2013, at 15:15-16:15, in Koll. D (1531-211)
Partial dif ference equations are types of di fference equations that involve functions of two  or more independent variables. Such equations arise in applications, involving population dy namics with spatial migrations, chemical reactions, the approximation of solutions of partial d i fferential equations by finite diff erence methods, random walk problems, the study of molec ular orbits, dynamical systems, economics, biology and other felds. The qualitative analysis  of partial di fference equations has received much attention. Recently, there are many papers  devoted to the development of qualitative theory of partial diff erence equations. 

This presentation consist of two parts. In the first part basic information about  partial diff erence analysis is given.  In the second part three papers which are concerned with some oscillation criteria for  certain partial di fference equations are introduced.
Kontaktperson: Jacob Schach Møller