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Entropic fluctuations of quantum dynamical semigroups

Claude Alain Pillet
(Universite de Toulon)
Onsdag, 23 april, 2014, at 16:45-17:30, in Koll. G3 (1532-218)
We study finite dimensional quantum dynamical semigroups whose generator  L is a sum of Lindbladians satisfying the detailed balance condition. Such semigroups  arise in the weak coupling (Van Hove) limit of Hamiltonian dynamical systems describing  open quantum systems out of equilibrium. We prove a general entropic fluctuation theorem  for this class of semigroups by relating the cumulant generating function of entropy  transport to the spectrum of a family of deformations of the generator L. We show that,  besides the celebrated Evans-Searles symmetry, this cumulant generating function also  satisfies the translation symmetry recently discovered by Andrieux et al., and that  in the linear regime near equilibrium these two symmetries yield Kubo’s and Onsager’s  linear response relations. This is joint work with V. Jaksic and M. Westrich.
Kontaktperson: Søren Fournais