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Finite Dimensional Algebras and the Preprojective Algebra of a Quiver

Sondre Kvamme
(NTNU (Norwegien Uni. of science and technology, Tronheim))
Onsdag, 30 april, 2014, at 15:30-16:30, in Aud. D3 (1531-215)
My talk will be about representation theory of finite dimensional algebras. I will start by giving an introduction to the theory focusing on the case when the algebra is hereditary. In particular I will explain why it is sufficient to only study path algebras. Hopefully I will also have time to mention Gabriels theorem.
The second part of my talk will be about the preprojective algebra of a quiver. It can be shown that the preprojective algebra is isomorphic to the tensor algebra of some bimodule. This implies that it has a homological definition, which makes it easy to generalize. If time permits I will also give an indication of how the preprojective algebra can be considered as the 2-Calabi-Yau completion of the path algebra of the underlying quiver.
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