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Extremal quasiconformal embeddings

Maxime Fortier Bourque
(University of Toronto)
Onsdag, 15 juli, 2015, at 15:15-16:15, in Aud. D3 (1531-215)
I will talk about a theorem of M.S. Ioffe which characterizes quasiconformal embeddings between Riemann surfaces that have minimal dilatation in their homotopy class. These extremal embeddings are obtained by stretching horizontally with respect to a pair of quadratic differentials. Ioffe's theorem can be used to prove Strebel's theorem on quadratic differentials with closed trajectories, to give a criterion for when one Riemann surface embeds conformally inside another, or to show that if two conformal embeddings are homotopic then they are homotopic through conformal embeddings.
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