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Statistical Inference for Microscopy Data - Efficient Sampling and Modelling by Spatial Point Processes

Ina Trolle Andersen
Onsdag, 7 september, 2016, at 13:15, in Aud. G2 (1532-122)
Assessment Committee :
Professor Marie-Colette van Lieshout, Stochastics Group, Centre for Mathematics and Computer Science, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Professor Aila Särkkä, Department of Mathematical Sciences, Chalmers University of Technology, Göteborg,, Sweden
Professor Jens Ledet Jensen (chairman), Department of Mathematics, Aarhus University
Main supervisor:
Professor Eva B. Vedel Jensen,  Department of Mathematics, Aarhus University
Co-supervisor :
Associate professor Ute Hahn, Department of Mathematics, Aarhus University
Professor Jens R. Nyengaard, Stereology and Electron Microscopy Laboratory, Department of Clinical Medicine, Aarhus University.
Language: The PhD dissertation will be defended in English

Kontaktperson: Randi Mosegaard