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Quantum Mean Field Asymptotics and Multiscale Analysis

Sébastien Breteaux (BCAM, Bilbao)
Onsdag, 15 februar, 2017, at 14:15-15:15, in Aud. D1 (1531-113)
Joint work with Z. Ammari, and F. Nier.

In this work, we study how multiscale analysis and quantum mean field
asymptotics can be brought together. In particular we study when a
sequence of one-particle density matrices has a limit with two
components: one classical and one quantum. The introduction of
``separating quantization for a family'' provides a simple criterion to
check when those two types of limit are well separated.

We give examples of explicit computations of such limits, and how to
check that the separating assumption is satisfied.
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