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Introductory seminar: Acylindrical splittings and 3-manifolds

Filippo Cerocchi (MPIM, Bonn)
Tirsdag, 28 november, 2017, at 16:15-17:00, in G3.3 (1532-322)

We shall recall the definition of graph of groups and we shall survey some results of Bass-Serre theory. Then we shall give the definition of acylindrical splitting of a finitely generated group and we shall present some basic examples of groups which possess acylindrical splittings. Next we shall briefly summarise some basic facts of 3-dimensional topology and we shall give a sketch of the proof of the fact that the fundamental groups of non-geometric 3-manifolds possess acylindrical splittings.

This seminar is aimed at students (PhD as well as Master students).

Organiseret af: QGM
Kontaktperson: Cristiano Spotti, Martin de Borbon & Roberta Iseppi