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Spectrum of the massless Nelson model with a singular perturbation

Takeru Hidaka (Kyushu University)
Onsdag, 6 december, 2017, at 14:15-15:00, in Aud. D1 (1531-113)
The Nelson model describes a system of quantum mechanical particles 
linearly coupled to a scalar bose field, which was introduced by E. 
Nelson. The bottom of the spectrum of the Hamiltonian is called the 
ground state energy. If the ground state energy is an eigenvalue, the 
eigenvector associated with this is called a ground state. The existence 
of a ground state of the massless Nelson Hamiltonian with a singular 
perturbation is considered. Since the ground state energy of the 
decoupled Hamiltonian is an embedded eigenvalue, the existence of a 
ground state for the Nelson Hamiltonian is not trivial.
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