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CANCELED - KK-theory with real coefficients, traces, and discrete group actions.

Sara Azzali (Universität Hamburg)
Mathematics seminar
Onsdag, 20 januar, 2021, at 15:00-16:00, The talk will be given on Zoom. Please, contact the organizers for more information.


The groups of KK-theory were introduced by Kasparov in the 1980’s and have important applications to many geometric and topological problems which are tackled by C*-algebraic techniques. Kasparov groups provide for instance a framework to understand and conceptualise the proofs of index theorems.

We investigate KK-theory groups with coefficients in the $\mathbb{R}$. By construction, they provide natural receptacles for classes coming from traces on $C^*$ algebras. We shall see their applications to R/Z-secondary classes of flat bundles and to assembly maps. Based on joint works with Paolo Antonini and Georges Skandalis.

Organiseret af: Seminar of the Young Mathematicians of Aarhus
Kontaktperson: Benjamin Alvarez and Polyxeni Spilioti