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Research areas open for postdoc applications with deadline 1 November 2021

The Philosophy and History of Mathematics

We are looking for a PhD student in the philosophy of mathematical practice. The position is devoted to philosophical and/or historical analyses of the practice of mathematics. Projects that focus on topics related to the contemporary mathematical practice are especially encouraged. Projects within the topics of visual thinking in mathematics, applications of mathematics, and mathematical structuralism will be preferred. We ask that candidates submit a project description (three pages) together with the formal application.

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Spatial random networks and topological data analysis on large random structures

The research area for this position is the development of asymptotic results for spatial random networks and for topological data analysis on large random structures.

In topological data analysis (TDA), invariants from algebraic topology are used to gain insights into data. TDA is now an established tool to explain the arrangement of galaxies, to classify proteins, and to statistically analyze the pore configuration in granular materials. All of these applications share a common goal: unveiling structure in massive amounts of possibly high-dimensional data.

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