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Weakly coupled bound states of $|p^2-1|-\lambda V$

Jean-Claude Cuenin (Loughborough)
Mathematics Seminar
Tuesday, 2 June, 2020, at 16:15, via zoom (see seminar series homepage)

It is well known that Schrödinger operator with degenerate kinetic energies may support infinitely many weakly coupled bound states. Hainzl and Seiringer proved that the eigenvalues of $|p^2-1|-\lambda V$ are exponentially small as the coupling constant $\lambda$ tends to zero, and they connected the problem to an effective operator on the sphere. This holds essentially under the assumption that the potential is integrable. In this talk I will show that one can relax this condition considerably and cover a much larger class of potentials. This is joint work with Konstantin Merz.

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