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PhD/JR Career Day Mathematics

Friday, 17 September, 2021, at 09:00-15:00, Aud. D4 at 9-10 and Aud. D2 at 10-15

Purpose: Provide you with inspiration and clarification on possible career paths for mathemati-cians including a career outside academia.


09.00–09.45 Welcome / Career thinking during your PhD

Welcome & introduction to the day and participants. We will discuss why career thinking is important and introduce the different career paths and most basic considerations & tools.

09.45–10:15 Job market insights – what can you do with a PhD in math

We prepare for the alumni visits by looking into what type of companies hire mathematicians, which competences are they looking for and into what kind of job functions. We will also bring numbers on where PhDs in mathematics actually work.

10:15–11:45 Meet your alumnies

Meet 2 alumnies with a PhD degree in mathematics:

  • Dennis Hasselstrøm Pedersen, Senior Algorithmic Developer at Nitor Energy
  • Mette Bjerre, Researcher within mathdidactic at VIA Research Centre

Be inspired by why they chose this career, how they got the job, and which competences from their PhD they utilize. Get a chance to ask them questions.

11:45–12:15 Lunch break

12.15–13:30: Competence workshop: The skills and value from your PhD

In this workshop, we will reflect on your competences. We will help you explore which skills and experiences you develop during your PhD, and what you can do to further develop them.

13.30–14.30 Job add exercise

In this session you will consider how your competences match the requirements in different job ads. We will also discuss, how you communicate your competences to different job functions.

14.30–15.00 Action plan reflection. What do you do next and by when? How to get more help and a list of coming events

15.00: Thank you and goodbye