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Claudia Strauch, new Assoc. Prof. of Data Science and Statistics

On 1 April 2020, Claudia Strauch started as new Assoc. Prof. of Data Science and Statistics at the Department of Mathematics, Aarhus University. Claudia's appointment is part of Faculty of Natural Sciences' digitalization initiative in the context of the new Data Science study program that she will be affiliated with.

Claudia got her PhD in 2013 at Hamburg University. Before coming to Aarhus Claudia worked at Mannheim University, where she has been an integral part of the DFG funded Graduate School "Statistical Modeling of Complex Systems" run jointly with Heidelberg University.

Claudia Strauch's research is focusing on theoretical foundations in non-parametric statistics. She has written a number of influential articles in statistical learning for stochastic processes, which in particular investigate optimality of drift estimators in the framework of stochastic differential equations. Her current research aims at bridging the disciplines of machine learning, non-parametric statistics and optimal control.

In the fall semester of 2020 Claudia will teach the new course "Reinforcement Learning" for master students, where our students can learn some of the machinery behind Google's AlphaZero algorithm. See the course description here:

Courses such as this are developed with a view towards 2022, where our first class of Data Science bachelor students will complete their undergraduate studies and enroll in the Data Science master program.