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Johannes Christensen receives a DFF- International Postdoc grant

Johannes Christensen

In the research area of Operator Algebras it has become quite popular to study so-called KMS weights. Originally, the study of KMS weights was motivated by the fact that KMS weights could be interpreted as equilibrium states in certain mathematical models of systems in Physics. It has however become evident that KMS weights are one of these mathematical concepts that keep popping up in different contexts in surprising ways. Take as an example their role in Tomita-Takesaki theory, or in the theory of quantum groups, or in Bost and Connes famous bridging of operator algebras and number theory.

In the research project "Ergodic theory and the structure of KMS weights", Johannes Christensen will study KMS weights on a class of examples where it is possible to use ideas and methods from Ergodic Theory to analyse the KMS weights. Ergodic Theory is a well-studied area of Mathematics with many deep results. The hypothesis in my project is that the methods and ideas from Ergodic Theory can be used to greatly improve our knowledge of these KMS weights.

This research project will be carried out at KU Leuven in Belgium, where some of the leading experts in the field are currently working.