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Peter Jørgensen new Professor in Mathematics

Peter Jørgensen is newly appointed professor in mathematics at Aarhus University. Previously he was a professor at Newcastle University.

The research of Peter falls inside algebra, more specifically homological algebra. Homological algebra grew out of topology and is a central topic in modern mathematics. In his thesis, Peter studied non-commutative (algebraic) geometry and has since established himself as a highly respected researcher internationally in homological algebra. He has been editor for Proceedings and Bulletin of the London Mathematical Society, advisor for six PhD students and mentor for five postdocs.

Peter received – in connection with this hiring at AU – an AUFF Starting Grant from Aarhus University Research Foundation. which enables him to build a group around him focusing on aspects of homological algebra.

Peter holds a PhD from University of Copenhagen from 1997. Following this he was a postdoc at Copenhagen, where he taught the introductory algebra course Mat 2AL. This resulted in a great student interest in the algebra section the following years. At Newcastle Peter taught several larger undergraduate courses in algebra. From this general lectures during the selection process at Aarhus, it became clear that he is brilliant expositor.

In the video Peter focuses on a simple example explaining (in Danish) the combinatorial side of his research related to the representation theory of quivers. Quiver representations form the topic of a graduate course that Peter will teach in the spring of 2021.