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Søren Fournais receives DFF Forskningsprojekt 2 grant

Søren Fournais has been granted 6.054.000 DKK over 4 years for a DFF Research Project 2 on the mathematics of the Bose gas.

Søren Fournais

Bose-Einstein condensates have been experimentally realisable since the 1990’s, but the understanding of these systems is still far from complete. Only last year was the famous Lee-Huang-Yang formula for the ground state energy of a dilute Bose gas rigorously proved. The project focuses on both upper and lower bounds in singular cases, as well as on 2d-systems and systems at low positive temperature, and aims to deepen our understanding of the mechanisms of correllation involved to get the correct energy.

Søren Fournais will be spending the academic year 2020-21 at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Princeton.