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Use of online records for detection of diseases and heat in dairy cattle stocks

by Jørgen Vinsløv Hansen
PhD Dissertations | August 2008
In recent years management of cattle herds has become a much more automated process and machinery for measuring a number of biological entities online has been developed. Analysis of such online data can be helpful to the farmer in the management of the herd. This thesis is a contribution to the ongoing research in analysing online data. The focus here is on using state space models, which are a class of models suited for analysing time series. In the thesis the developed techniques are applied to specific datasets. For example a state space model is developed to predict the time of heat in cows using measurements of progesterone concentrations in cow milk. Finally, the thesis also contains a study on the asymptotic behaviour of a certain class of parameter estimates in state space models.
Format available: PDF (1,021 KB)
Thesis advisor: Jens Ledet Jensen