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Stereological inference on mean particle shape from vertical sections

By Eva B. Vedel Jensen
CSGB Research Reports
No. 01, February 2020

It was a major breakthrough when design-based stereological methods for vertical sections were developed by Adrian Baddeley and coworkers in the 1980's. Most importantly, it was shown how to estimate in a design-based fashion surface area from observations in random vertical sections with uniform position and uniform rotation around the vertical axis. The great practical importance of these developments is due to the fact that some biostructures can only be recognized on vertical sections. Later, local design-based estimation of mean particle volume from vertical sections was developed. In the present paper, we review these important advances in stereology. Quite recently, vertical sections have gained renewed interest, since it has been shown that mean particle shape can be estimated from such sections. These new developments are also reviewed in the present paper.

Keywords: marked point processes; stereology; surface area; tensors

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