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Lattice Gauge Field Theory and Prismatic Sets

By B. Akyar and J. L. Dupont
No. 03, August 2008
We study prismatic sets analogously to simplicial sets except that realization involves prisms, i.e., products of simplices rather than just simplices. Particular examples are the prismatic subdivision of a simplicial set $S$ and the prismatic star of $S$. Both have the same homotopy type as $S$ and in particular the latter we use to study lattice gauge theory in the sense of Phillips and Stone. Thus for a Lie group $G$ and a set of parallel transport functions defining the transition over faces of the simplices, we define a classifying map from the prismatic star to a prismatic version of the classifying space of $G$. In turn this defines a $G$-bundle over the prismatic star.
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