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Education and dissemination

Ordinary education

Teaching takes place in accordance with the current course descriptions for the bachelor degree programme and in relation to the announced seminars etc. for Master's degree students and PhD students. In September 2003, new academic regulations were introduced for the Faculty of Science. The regulations imply 1-subject entries and teaching and examination over 9-week periods. All students at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and the Faculty of Technical Sciences, now take part in the introductory mathematics course of 10 ECTS. In addition to lectures and exercises the introductory mathematics course includes ongoing activities in a mathematics laboratory.

The institute has a continuing presentation and visitor's programme aimed at young people attending upper secondary education, and has also organised presentations serving as continuing education for teachers working in upper secondary schools. The institute has provided scientific guidance to students in upper secondary education in connection with their project work on special study areas.

PhD Programme

As per 1 February 2017 the department has a total of 33 PhD students, of which 20 are part-A students and 13 part-B students.