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Transcendental Algebraic Geometry

Gregory Pearlstein (Texas A&M University, USA)
Tuesday 14 January 2020 16:00 Koll. G (1532-214)
Two classical problems in the theory of compact Riemann surfaces are to understand the moduli space of curves of a given genus, and to understand the structure of the divisors on a fixed compact Riemann surface modulo linear equivalence. The Hodge conjecture is a natural generalization of the 2'nd problem to higher dimensions. In this talk I will survey work with Patrick Brosnan et. al. on the Hodge conjecture. Time permitting, I will discuss recent work with Radu Laza and Zheng Zhang on an analog of the first problem for special cubic 4-folds.
Contact: Steen Thorbjørnsen Revised: 25.05.2023