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Postdoc applications

To submit an application use the button below (opens in a new tab). The deadline for applications are 31 October 2023.

Below are listed the available research areas. Note that the list may be updated up until the application deadlines.

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(PD1) Sobolev spaces and functional inequalities on fractal spaces

Earliest starting date: 1 February 2024

Project area: Analysis & Probability

Research will be conducted in the area of analysis, Dirichlet forms, and probability on fractal spaces. The goal will be to develop on fractal spaces the emerging theory of metric measure spaces curvature lower bounds. Indeed though the recently developed theory of RCD curvature lower bounds does not apply in such spaces, it has recently been discovered that many functional inequalities usually associated with curvature bounds hold. This suggests that a theory of curvature lower bounds is available in that framework. Vicsek type fractals and other dendrites will be first investigated as prototype examples.

Funding agency: AUFF

Duration: 2 years

Host: Fabrice Baudoin

(PD2) Analytic number theory and automorphic forms

Earliest starting date: 1 February 2024

Project area: Analytic number theory, automorphic forms, representation theory

The project will concern research in some part of analytic number theory, automorphic forms and/or representation theory, building on recent advances in these subjects.  The analytic theory of automorphic forms and L-functions is a central part of modern number theory. The field is characterized by problems rather than methods. A central problem is to provide nontrivial estimates for L-functions; despite some progress, a solution remains elusive. Some recent work by the PI has involved techniques coming from representation theory and microlocal analysis, among other sources.

Funding agency: Villum

Duration: 2+1 years (2 years with posibility of extension)

Host: Paul Nelson