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Andreas Basse-O'Connor appointed Professor of Stochastics

On 1 January 2022, Andreas Basse-O'Connor will take up the position as professor of Stochastics at the Department of Mathematics, Aarhus University, where he has been employed as an associate professor since 2015.

Andreas is internationally recognised for his significant contribution to the theory of stochastic processes.

One of his most important contributions is that he, together with J. Rosinski, has shown the so-called Ito-Nisio theorem for stochastic processes with jumps – and in this way, he has confirmed a conjecture that has otherwise been unresolved for almost fifty years. Together with R. Lachieze-Rey and M. Podolskij, he has also achieved a complete characterisation of the first-order asymptotics for the p-variation for a large class of so-called moving averages.

Andreas has been a Sapere Aude research group leader and is currently heading the project "Phase Transitions for the Boolean Satisfaction Problem".

He is a highly competent and inspiring research group leader and several of his PhD students have achieved impressive results – and one of his former students, Mikkel Slot Nielsen, was therefore awarded the Aarhus University's PhD Award for his dissertation.

Andreas is a popular and respected teacher. In recent years, he has taught the course Introduction to Probability Theory and Statistics, which is followed by about 400 students, and he has introduced active learning elements to the associated exercises. The course receives a very positive evaluation from the students, despite the fact that the participants have very different prerequisites. Andreas has also won the Tågekammeret competition "The World's Most Boring Lecture" (and you do not win by being boring!) three years in a row, which has meant that he has now received the coveted trophy for eternal inheritance and possession.

Andreas is married, has three children and lives in Tilst. He likes to spend his spare time with his family, and when time permits, he plays tennis, basketball or goes for a run.