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Andreas Basse-O'Connor receives an AUFF Nova grant from Aarhus University Research Foundation

Lateral diffusions in human cell membranes are crucial in developing new drugs, whereas water levels in rivers and the temperature over time are pivotal in climate studies used by decision-makers. Gaining insight from such data is crucial for our understanding of the world today. However, the complex dependence structure observed in the data makes this a very challenging task.

In the past, empirical data from climate studies stubbornly refused to accord with theory. Nowadays, it is possible to model cell membrane dynamics and climate data using modern anomalous diffusions. However, there is a lack of statistical procedures capable of analysing such advanced models. Indeed, the analysis of data often determines the margin of precision on which many important decisions are made. The present foundation for statistical inference of anomalous diffusions is very sparse and poorly understood due to their high complexity.

This project aims to construct the foundation needed to analyse highly dependent data with heavy tails, i.e. statistical inference for anomalous diffusions. The funding of DKK 1.835.900 will be used to hire a postdoc researcher for three years.

The aim of AUFF NOVA is to stimulate courageous and innovative research projects of high quality. The project must be pioneering in its field and show clear potential for scientific breakthroughs.