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Anne Katrine Tinggaard has won the Vissing Foundation Energy Award 2022 for her Master's thesis in Mathematics–Economics

In her thesis, Anne Katrine has developed mathematical models to optimize the composition of leased electric and petrol cars in Syddjurs Municipality in order to optimize CO2 emissions and costs.

Anne Katrine's solution method is based on GPS data from locations in Syddjurs Municipality. Among other things, she has considered the demand at each location hour by hour, the charging capacity of the electric cars and the provisions of the leasing agreements.

In her thesis, she describes the optimal composition of cars in the municipality's locations based on demand and the leasing agreements.

In addition, she has included various future scenarios for the development of petrol and electricity prices. Based on the analysis, she found solutions that can specifically reduce costs and CO2 emissions, and at the same time be robust in relation to different future scenarios.

The Vissing Foundation's Energy Award is a prize that is awarded annually and was first awarded in the autumn of 2021. With this award, the Vissing Foundation wants to focus on how the conversion of energy supplies can take place in an efficient and sustainable way.

"Anne Katrine's thesis is an extremely well written thesis. She elegantly shows how techniques from mathematical modeling and optimization can be used to minimize both costs and climate impact in the Danish municipalities. In addition to the many fine contributions and conclusions in the theses, it has also been a pleasure to guide Anne Katrine, who worked very independently and goal-oriented."

– Sune Lauth Gadegård, supervisor