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Cristiano Spotti is awarded a Villum Young Investigator+ grant

Geometry is the study of shapes. Shapes can deform and stretch and, ultimately, they can collapse to lower dimensional objects. The study of such phenomena is becoming of central interest in current mathematics, especially because of their relevance in other areas, such as Algebraic Geometry and Mathematical Physics.

Cristianos project, Geometry of Collapse, aims to deeply investigate the collapsing of canonical shapes (e.g. Kähler-Einstein and constant scalar curvature Kähler metrics) in Complex Geometry, where many different techniques, ranging from geometric PDEs to algebro-geometric tools, can be applied thanks to the richness of the structures involved. Potential further applications to nearby areas, such as Arakelov Geometry would also be considered.

The Villum YIP+ grant (DKK 3,923,030 DKK) funds a PhD student and a 2-years postdoc, as well as it provides support for visits and the organization of an international conference.

VILLUM FONDEN aim to support early career researchers with ambitions of creating their own, independent research identity, and with the potential to significantly contribute to research in technical and natural sciences at a Danish research institution. With the Villum Young Investigator Programme they encourage Danish universities to support and recruit Danish as well as international researcher talents. From 2021, the Villum Young Investigator programme has been supplemented with YIP extension grants aka YIP+ to secure a stable research career for the most talented Villum Young Investigators.