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Kenneth Borup appointed to be a part of the DDSA's Young Academy Panel

PhD student Kenneth Borup from the Department of Mathematics and the research center DIGIT, Aarhus University, has been appointed by DDSA – The Danish Data Science Academy to be a part of their Young Academy Panel. Congratulations!

"We have great opportunities for success in the field of data science in Denmark, and I believe that by improving the visibility and accessibility of data science both as a research field, as a choice of education, and as a career path, we will, as a field, be able to utilize more of these opportunities moving forward. As part of DDSA I will be able to use my own experience with data science to contribute to this development and to shape the future of data science in Denmark, which I look very much forward to."

— Kenneth Borup

Asger Hobolth, professor in Data Science at the Department of Mathematics, Aarhus University, is happy to learn that Kenneth has become part of the Young Academy Panel within the Danish Data Science Academy.

"It benefits the Department when young researchers are collaborating, discussing, and networking with researchers from other institutions. For example, I am looking forward to discuss with Kenneth how we can improve our education and graduate programme in data science based on his involvement in the academy."

The Danish Data Science Academy (DDSA), supported by the Novo Nordisk Foundation and the VILLUM FOUNDATION with a total grant of 184.3 million, will support and initiate new initiatives for Danish research institutions and tech companies. Primarily within training of experts and interdisciplinary collaboration, two crucial areas for Denmark to realise its potential within data science.

The Young Academy Panel (YAP) was appointed by the Education & Networking Committee (ENC) in March 2022. The panel consists of 15 young scientists in the beginning of their career. Among other tasks they are responsible for providing feedback on the DDSA's strategy activities as well as input and feedback for new initiatives, events, and activities.

"I am very excited to learn that Kenneth has been appointed to DDSA's Young Academy Panel. As an emerging field, data science is at risk of becoming fragmented, both geographically and across subject areas, and the work of collaborative organisations such as DDSA is very important in this regard. I'm happy that Kenneth will be able to contribute as a member of their Young Academy Panel."

– Lars Nørvang Andersen, associate professor at the Department of Mathematics and Kenneth's PhD supervisor