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Simon Kristensen has been appointed as professor in Mathematics per 1 August 2023

We are very happy to announce that the Department of Mathematics has appointed Simon Kristensen as professor in Mathematics per 1 August 2023.

Simon Kristensen obtained his Master's degree from Aarhus University in 2000 (with a minor in philosophy) and graduated as Docteur de l'Université Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg (PhD) in mathematics in 2002. Before obtaining a Steno research fellowship, he was employed in postdoc positions at University of York and University of Edinburgh. In 2009, he was appointed associate professor in Aarhus.

Simon has made important contributions to the field of Diophantine approximation, which is a classical discipline in mathematics centering on approximations of irrational numbers by rational numbers. He is and has been particularly intrigued by the Littlewood conjecture (1930), which is a hard, open diophantine approximation problem with recent partial results by Einsiedler, Katok and Lindenstrauss (Annals of Mathematics, 2006). Among Simon's current research interests is the generalization of the Littlewood conjecture to the field of p-adic numbers (and function fields).

Simon has been a supervisor magnet for Master's and bachelor's students during the past years. He has supervised several Master's and bachelor's theses resulting in published papers and DMF prizes for the best Master's thesis at a Danish university. In addition, he has graduated five PhD students (with two in the pipeline) and mentored several postdocs.

Simon possesses an all-round interest in mathematics and has been active in outreach activities appearing on Danish national radio and contributing to Videnskab.dk and Ingeniøren.

Congratulations on the promotion, Simon!