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Introductory seminar: Geometry of Berkovich curves

Dmitry Sustretov (MPIM, Bonn)
Tirsdag 13. marts 2018 16:15–17:00 G3.3 (1532-322)

Berkovich analytifications of varieties over a non-Archimedean complete real valued field k, such as C((t)), or Q_p, are locally ringed arcwise connected topological spaces that provide a natural framework for the study of such varieties, and allow for certain parallels to be drawn with complex geometry. After defining this notion I will discuss semi-stable models of smooth projective curves over such fields and associated triangulations of their Berkovich analytifications, which are non-Archimedean analogues of pair of pants decompositions of Riemannian surfaces.

This talk serves as an overview of preliminary notions for the talk on Wednesday.

The seminar is meant for Master and PhD students.

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