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Introductory seminar: Rozansky-Witten theory and derived categories

Christos Aravanis (University of Sheffield)
Tirsdag 20. marts 2018 16:15–17:00 G3.3 (1532-322)

For the last three decades, quantum field theory (QFT) serves as a bridge between theoretical physics and mathematics. An example of a QFT in dimension three which depends on the topology of a three manifold M and a hyperkahler manifold X was proposed by Rozansky and Witten in 1996. Kapranov, Roberts and Willerton studying topics related to the the partition function of this QFT showed that the derived category of coherent sheaves on X is involved. Derived categories are algebro-geometric gadgets which have been proved a powerful tool to study problems motivated from algebraic geometry, representation theory and quantum field theory. In this talk, we will describe how Rozansky-Witthen theory and derived categories are related and will present recent progress towards a rigorous mathematical formulation of Rozansky-Witten theory.

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