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Information meeting on FTP applications - the do's and don'ts

Søren Rud Keiding (Dean's Office, Science and Technology)
Onsdag 22. august 2018 12:15–12:45 Nobelparken (1481-341)


“Information meeting on FTP applications – the do’s and don’ts”

August 22 2018, 12:15-12:45, Nobelparken, 1481-341

By vice dean Søren Rud Keiding

The competition for funding is ever increasing, and AU ST is continuously striving to prepare and produce applications of the highest quality. On this note the Faculty management of Science and Technology has decided to bring extra focus to FTP, to increase the quality of the applications we submit and hopefully increase success rates. For the upcoming DFF deadline October 3 rd we are launching two initiatives to help the applicants,

1. On the 22 nd of August we invite applicants, scientific coordinators, FSE, and others with interest in the coming FTP call to an information meeting with focus on the do’s and don’ts of writing an FTP application. The meeting will be held from 12:15-12:45, in Nobelparken, 1481-341 and precedes the general information meeting held by DFF in Nobelparken at 13:00

2. The Faculty management have in addition decided to send all FTP applications targeting the October 3 rd deadline to an internal reviewer group. The group consists of three former research council chairmen and they will provide rapid and confidential feed-back to the applicants, close to the deadline. To submit an application for review the applicant must:

a. Starting September 7 th, applications (or drafts) can be mailed to the scientific coordinator of the institute

b. The applicant will receive comments and feed-back on the application within two days and the response will be communicated to the applicant alone

c. This service is provided until 1 week before the application deadline

d. Note that the Institute Chairman have agreed only to sign applications to DFF-FTP if they have been submitted to the internal review board.

The above initiatives have been approved by the Faculty Management Committee (Fakultetsledelsen) and are coordinated by the office of the vice-dean for research and the scientific coordinator/FSE team responsible for the DFF-FTP calls.

We hope to see you and not least to see applications of high quality!

Kind regards,

Søren Keiding, Mie Lundgaard, DFF Coordinating Team (Mette Kirkegaard, MBG; Mikkel Kongsbak, FSE; Nanna Willumsen, FSE).

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