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On the Non-Relativistic Limit of Quantum Electrodynamics

Benjamin Hinrichs (Jena University)
Torsdag 25. oktober 2018 13:15–14:00 Building 1540, room K32.
We consider the model of a massless bosonic photon field interacting with a fermionic Dirac field of mass $M$ in the charge $Q = 1$ sector, described by the self-adjoint Hamilton operator $H_M$. The non-relativistic limit $M \to 1$ of the resolvent $(H_M-z)^{-1}$ for appropriate choice of spectral parameter $z \in \mathbb C\setminus \mathbb R$ is studied.

We discuss the rise of the one-particle Pauli-Fierz operator as the effective Hamilton operator in this limit. The emerging error terms as well as their physical interpretation are also treated.
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