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Holomorphic twists in families and holomorphic symmetries

Ingmar Saberi (Univerisät Heidelberg)
Torsdag 2. maj 2019 15:15–16:15 Aud. D3 (1531-215)
Indices of supersymmetric field theories have been the subject of an enormous amount of study, and are often related to well-known special functions with interesting combinatorial interpretations. They are computed as twisted partition functions of the theory, and can also profitably be thought of as partition functions of the twisted theory. This perspective leads both to the possibility of studying twists in families, and to a more unified treatment of holomorphic, topological, and exotic theories in various dimensions. Moreover, the space of twists has interesting relations to the construction of multiplets for the original supersymmetry algebra. I will discuss a few concrete examples, as well as hopefully remarking on a simple instance of a higher algebraic structure identified recently by Gwilliam-Williams.
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