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Many-body quantum systems with $\delta$-interactions

Michael Hofacker (Stuttgart University)
Tirsdag 28. maj 2019 16:15–17:00 Aud. D4 (1531-219)
In a dilute quantum gas at low temperature the interparticle distance is typically much larger than the effective range of the two-body interaction. In this physical regime, many properties are independent of the detailed form of the interaction potential and only depend on a few low-energy parameters, like the scattering length. Therefore, for the mathematical modelling of such systems it is convenient to replace the two-body interaction by an idealized $\delta$-interaction.

After a short introduction to ultracold quantum gases and many-body Hamiltonians with $\delta$-interactions, we consider a Bose gas interacting by $\delta$-interactions in one space dimension. We prove that the Hamiltonian of this system naturally arises as a resolvent limit $\epsilon\to 0$ of Schroedinger operators $H_{\epsilon}$ ($\epsilon > 0$), where the corresponding potentials scale like a Dirac sequence in $\epsilon > 0$.

Afterwards, we characterize the domain of the resulting Hamiltonian and we show that our result extends a previous result of Basti et al., concerning the three-body case, to the case of an arbitrary number of bosons $N \in\mathbb N$.

The talk is based on joint work with Marcel Griesemer and Ulrich Linden.
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