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Solving an advanced request dial-a-ride problem arising at Aarhus Municipality

Stine Hedegaard Nielsen
Tirsdag 25. juni 2019 09:30–10:30 Aud. D2 (1531-119)
Aarhus Municipality (AM) face a daily problem of planning the door-to-door transportation of 1200 citizens, including the elderly, the disabled and school children. Trapeze Group (TG) deliver a software solution for solving this problem, but are now interested in developing a system that only handles school transportation. The aim of the thesis is to try a new approach for solving AM’s transportation problem with an emphasis on school transportation. AM’s transportation problem can be expressed as Dial-a-Ride Problem (DARP) which will be investigated and the distinction between this and the school transportation problem will be discussed. The model proposed for solving the school transportation problem is an open source vehicle routing algorithm, that is based on two successful heuristics both employing a Large Neighborhood Search. The model will be compared to the current solution delivered by TG’s planning system. The comparison is not exact, but yields promising results. The results will give an idea of whether the employed vehicle routing algorithm is an option for the school transportation planning system that TG wish to develop.
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