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2021.06.14 | Awards

GAUSS Prize from DGVFM/DAV to Søren Asmussen

Søren Asmussen (AU) together with Mogens Bladt and Mogens Steffensen from the University of Copenhagen has won the Gauss Prize for their article ”Matrix representations of life insurance payments”.

2021.05.07 | Grant

Three mathematicians are awarded project grants by the Independent Research Fund Denmark

Peter Jørgensen, Simon Kristensen and Andreas Basse O'Connor awarded project grants from IRFD.

2021.03.25 | News for employees

K. Brad Wray selected as Associate Fellow at AIAS

This week, Aarhus Institute of Advanced Study (AIAS) announced the appointment of 23 new Associate Fellows

2021.01.07 | Grant

Peter Jørgensen receives DNRF Chair from the Danish National Research Foundation

Peter Jørgensen has been awarded a DNRF Chair from the Danish National Research Foundation, which is just the second overall since the instrument was launched in 2020, and the first awarded to Natural Science. The accompagnying grant of DKK 8 million, together with an AUFF starting grant, gives Peter the opportunity to establish the group…

2020.12.03 | Grant

Claudia Strauch awarded Carlsberg Foundation Young Researcher Fellowship

Associate professor Claudia Strauch receives DKK 3.863.066 for the project ”Exploring the potential of nonparametric modelling of complex systems via stochastic partial differential equations” as a Carlsberg Foundation Young Researcher Fellowship. Project description at the Carlsberg Foundation

2020.12.01 | News for employees

Jan Frahm employed as an associate professor in mathematics

On 1 December 2020, Jan Frahm transferred to a permanent associate professorship in mathematics.

2020.11.23 | Grant

Claudia Strauch receives Sapere Aude Research Leader grant

Optimal strategies

2020.11.12 | Awards

Jevgenijs Ivanovs awarded the 2020 Erlang Prize

On Nov 11 2020, Jevgenijs Ivanovs was awarded the 2020 INFORMS Applied Probability Society Erlang Prize

2020.08.03 | News for employees

Henrik Garde, new Tenure Track Assistant Professor in Mathematics

Henrik Garde is per 1 August 2020 a newly appointed Tenure Track Assistant Professor at the Department of Mathematics, Aarhus University. He comes from an Assistant Professor position at Aalborg University.

2020.06.30 | News for employees

Peter Jørgensen new Professor in Mathematics

Peter Jørgensen is newly appointed professor in mathematics at Aarhus University. Previously he was a professor at Newcastle University.

2020.05.18 | Grant

Søren Fournais receives DFF Forskningsprojekt 2 grant

Søren Fournais has been granted 6.054.000 DKK over 4 years for a DFF Research Project 2 on the mathematics of the Bose gas.

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