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The Dynamics of Stochastic Processes

by Andreas Basse-O'Connor
PhD Dissertations | March 2010
In the present thesis the dynamics of stochastic processes is studied with a special attention to the semimartingale property. This is mainly motivated by the fact that semimartingales provide the class of the processes for which it is possible to define a reasonable stochastic calculus due to the Bichteler-Dellacherie Theorem. The semimartingale property of Gaussian processes is characterized in terms of their covariance function, spectral measure and spectral representation. In addition, representation and expansion of filtration results are provided as well. Special attention is given to moving average processes, and when the driving process is a Lévy or a chaos process the semimartingale property is characterized in the filtration spanned by the driving process and in the natural filtration when the latter is a Brownian motion. To obtain some of the above results an integrability of seminorm result is obtained and applied. Moreover, martingales indexed by the whole real line is studied and characterized and the thesis is concluded with a study of stationary solutions of the Langevin equation.
Format available: PDF (1 MB)
Thesis advisor: Jan Pedersen